Civil Service Tennis Club


by Peter Farrell –

Tennis Coach Ireland  

Do you sometimes have a sore wrist, elbow or shoulder after a tough session on court? If so, read on for some possible remedies:

1. Have your racquet restrung at a lower tension, to give a more `cushioned` effect.

2. Switch to a more flexible racquet, which will be more effective at absorbing the force of ball impact.

3. Check the grip size on your racquet. The wrong size causes you to have to grip more tightly.

4. Between shots, relax your grip on the racquet handle. Grip firmly only around the time of impact with the ball.

5. Return to the ready position between shots. Cradling the racquet in your non-playing hand allows you to almost completely relax your racquet arm.

6. Get some coaching! Perhaps the most common cause of a sore arm is poor technique. Your coach can help you modify how you hit the ball. Your strokes will become more effective, while putting the minimum of strain on your body.